Sellers Guide

Buyers Guide for property sales in Moraira calpe javea benissa AlteaSellers Guide

Once you have decided to sell your property you need to set a realistic selling price. This can be difficult! There are many estate agents in the area, some more experienced than others but we believe there is no point in over valuing a property just to make the seller “feel good” – a good estate agent will have all the necessary knowledge to give you the correct advise. The current market price, the area, location of the property and condition all reflect on the price and we at VILLASET, with our many years of experience, can advise accordingly.

We have a vast data base of clients and many of whom we have worked with for years. We spend a great deal of time working with them to ascertain their needs and desires, quite often when we value a property we have a buyer in mind.

We market your villa in many different areas and different sites though out Europe. We have agents in many other regions and countries that also advertise your property.

Once we have a price that all agree we take photos and with your input we will do a description and work with you though out the process  we then put your property on many different sites as well as our shop window that also attracts a lot of clients.

Once you have an offer accepted we will work with you thought the entire selling process explaining the selling taxes (plus value) and if you are due capital gains tax or 3 % retention as a non resident.

We will help and advise the best and most economical ways to transfer your monies or help with another purchase in Spain if that is your plan.

If you would like a free valuation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Lionel Andrews