September Vibes

So, that’s summer done and dusted they say! Not so much here in Moraira though, with temperatures still in the high 20’s and warm in the evenings. September is one of the best months on the Costa Blanca with autumn not really appearing until later on in the month. There is still a good vibe too, not quite so frantically busy with tourists and parking is a bit easier! The hot haze clears and the skies and sea are beautiful shades of blue and turquoise, it’s a great month for photographers. There are stunning sunsets and sunrises to capture and with Cumbre Del Sol being the eastern most tip of the province of Alicante, the residents there can greet the sun first thing and it truly is a stunning sight to see.

Many of the businesses, especially traditional Spanish ones, close down over August. Building work is restricted by law hence companies take their annual leave then. Also many lawyers and financial workers cut their hours over the hot months. It’s different for Estate Agents as there are a lot of people around on holiday and they to want look at properties while they are here, but many of the villas and apartments we sell are rented out and not available to view.

September brings us all back refreshed and ready for a busy season! The “Brexit Battle” was the Uk news headline this morning and it seems many people who have been thinking of moving abroad are now deciding this is the time to get going. With many inexpensive flights to the Costa Blanca in under 3 hours it is a good area to start looking for a new life. In this area we have a huge array of nationalities (including German, Dutch and Spanish commonly speaking English) and a very good choice of local and International schools. Lady Elizabeth International School and XIC Javea  are 2 great schools in the area, my own children attended Lady Elizabeth and both had happy years there. Many young families have moved here in recent years looking for a “better” life with more sunshine, greater outdoor life style choices and a safer environment for their children and, of course, nowadays this is possible with many employers allowing flexible hours and remote working contracts online. We now have Fibre Optic technology in many areas, something to consider when purchasing a property, if this is required.

To meet new people, there are many clubs and societies in and around Moraira. There are every kind of activity for children and, adults too, will  find most hobbies/interests covered. If it’s sport you are interested in there are golf societies, walking clubs, water activities, football clubs, tennis clubs, lots of gyms with classes of all sorts so there really is no excuse to get out there and join in! There are reading clubs, language classes, arts and crafts, lunch clubs – all great for meeting people in a new environment. It can be daunting for sure and a huge decision to be made, but once you fall in love with the idyllic scenery and immense lifestyle benefits, it’s not so hard!

We  help all our clients find their perfect property and make sure they are happy in their new environment. We have lived here for over 15 years and have built up a bank of handy information for any newcomer, be it the best tapas bar to go to (or the one to avoid) and our office door is always open for a chat and coffee.